Focus Group Testing has serviced clients in the fields of:

  • Food services and restaurants, including taste tests
  • Legal – mock juries
  • Consumer Based Products, including cleaning products, coffee, banking, big box retailers
  • Healthcare, including doctors and pharmaceuticals
  • Political Campaigns – candidates and issues
  • Public Opinion
  • Education
  • Policy Issues
  • Manufacturing, including oil and gas, chemical and power companies

Focus Group Testing has conducted focus groups throughout the Gulf South for a wide range of clients. Our firm has experience conducting qualitative research, including focus groups, for clients in education, social services, tourism, entertainment and forest products industries. Participants in our focus groups represent the targeted demographic characteristics specified by our clients and typically reflect the gender, race, age and income levels of the communities in which our clients operate. In most cases, our firm identifies the research questions, develops the questioning route, conducts preliminary research, identifies potential participants and recruits members.

Our professional services include the following:

  • Project Conception
  • Participant Recruiting (Phone, Web, Direct Mail, Intercept)
  • Screening, Call-Backs & Mail Confirmation
  • Focus Group Moderation
  • Facility Rental (At Focus Group Testing or Offsite)
  • Digital Videotaping
  • Research Analysis
My experience at Focus Group Testing was exceptional. The recruitment and fielding was seamless. I was impressed by the ability to achieve my requirements for a sometimes difficult segment. The facility was new and modern and in a great location. My client was happy which makes it a win-win situation for everyone.
Eric, Consultant - Market Research Company

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Focus Group Testing, located in downtown New Orleans, is a state-of-the-art, full-service facility offering comprehensive services to clients nationwide. Located in the heart of New Orleans, the facility sits adjacent to the French Quarter, Central Business District and Riverfront. It is just minutes away from the Convention Center.

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