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Lagniappe Client Observation Room (23′ x 30′)
Seats: 14
– (1) 50″ LCD TV for video/web displays
– (1) 32″ LCD TV for video/web displays
– Digital Audio & Video recording
– WiFi Available for Clients
– Focus Vision

Lagniappe Participant Room (26′ x 28′)
– 5-50 Theater Style
– 24 Classroom Style
– 10-12 Traditional Focus Group Style
– (1) 72″ LCD Sharp Aquos Smart Board for video/web display
– (1) 50” LCD TV Monitor for video/web display
– 4 cameras and hanging ceiling mics
– Soundproof room divider

Tchoupitoulas Client Observation Room (16′ x 11′)
Seats: 6-8
– (1) 37″ LCD TV
– (1) 32″ LCD TV
– Digital Audio & Video Recording
– WiFi Available for Clients
– Focus Vision

Tchoupitoulas Suite Participant Room (18′ x 19′)
Seats: 10-12 Traditional Focus Group
– (2) 32″ LCD TV Monitors for video/web displays
– 1 camera and hanging ceiling mics



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    Focus Group Testing, located in downtown New Orleans, is a state-of-the-art, full-service facility offering comprehensive services to clients nationwide. Located in the heart of New Orleans, the facility sits adjacent to the French Quarter, Central Business District and Riverfront. It is just minutes away from the Convention Center.

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